Vintage is so fine and even finer with beads and studs!
This patch was created from a pair of jeans and a really cool shirt fabric.  Re-use the goods!
Perfectly placed beads on the cuff so you can roll it and look even cooler!
Bead work sewn on up cycled denim and shirt fabric, what a great patch! The studs were rescued from an old pair of jeans.  Perfection on denim!
Go ahead, cuff that sleeve!  Strategically placed bead work still shines!
This is a must have denim jacket!

Vintage Levi Strauss Denim Jacket

Regular price $185.00

Taking the vintage denim to a new level!  This whole jacket is the epitome of designing up! A great statement piece that will have people watching you come and go and then chase you down to ask you where you got it!  You can tell them it's one of a kind just like the woman wearing it. Size 6-8, medium.