Beautiful color to kick up this top hat! Wearable art! Dusty's Originals top hat and Love Tokens jewelry!
Step up your style! This top hat will get you a back stage pass!
Feathers, beads, and chain, oh my!
Wearable art and one of a kind.  That is a top hat!
Style changer!
Make a statement and leave them guessing!  This top hat will transform you!
Take your fashion style to a new level with this handcrafted top hat!

Back Stage Pass Top Hat

Regular price $269.00

Dusty's hats are custom designed and handcrafted of European Hare blend and made in the USA at the studio in Sturgis, South Dakota.  With a custom adjustable band, this top hat will fit sizes small to x-large. Each hat has Dusty's signature embellishments.

The beautiful serape hat band is up-cycled from a skirt I found in a vintage shop in Dallas.  The colors in it are amazing! Throw in some chain, feathers, and beadwork, and you are ready to kick it in style.

Custom wearable art that is one of a kind!  

Please contact me if you have any questions or need help with styling!