The metallic leather hat band and copper chain shine! This hat is highly distressed and will fit into your collection like it's been there for years!
Back shot of the Copper Canyon Run top hat.  The leather, feathers, and antler will have people looking at you coming and going.
Highly distressed wearable art.
Custom feather embellishments done one feather at a time.  Wearable art!

Copper Canyon Run Top Hat

Regular price $295.00

Dusty's hats are custom designed and handcrafted from European Hare blend, created in the studio in Sturgis, South Dakota.  The Copper Canyon Run top hat is highly distressed with fire. Add to that the metallic leather band, copper chain, and Dusty's custom feather embellishments make this complete. Made to be wearable art and looks great on display! The feather embellishments are put together one at a time.  The adjustable band allows for a fit of Small to X-Large.

Contact us with any fit or styling questions.

Wearable art!