Color inspiration!  You'll never go wrong with denim and sterling silver!
Up close and personal for a good look at the sterling silver feather and the custom feather embellishment.
The denim band was salvaged from a pair of jeans.  Re-use, Re-purpose, Re-style!
Style inspiration!  Everyone needs a great lid to top off a great outfit.
Graphic tees, vintage jacket, Love Tokens jewelry......No better way to top all that style off than with a Dusty's Originals top hat!
Custom top hat, custom jewelry, and custom bourbon.....That is a perfect night in the making!
Custom fashion accessories custom made in the USA!
Handmade hats and jewelry, custom is the best!

Denim Blues Top Hat

Regular price $285.00

Dusty's custom-designed hats handcrafted from European Hare blend.  You will never see two hats that are precisely the same.  Each one features custom embellishments.  The Denim Blues top hat features a sterling silver feather pin with feather embellishments that are done one feather at a time.  The custom band inside allows for a fit of small to x-large.  Designed at the studio in Sturgis, South Dakota and made in the USA!

Contact us with any fit or styling questions.

Wearable art!