Beauty that just gets better every day you carry this!!!  Juan Antonio quality and style, made in the USA!
Luxury and function in one !  Juan Antonio leather wallet, made in the USA!
The perfect leather wallet for style and function!  Juan Antonio quality made in the USA!
Juan Antonio Copper Leather Wallet

Juan Antonio Copper Leather Wallet

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I have carried Juan's beautiful leather handbags and wallets since he started and I am so proud to be able to share the quality and beauty he brings to each piece. Not only is he talented, creative, and a stickler for quality but he and his family are some of my favorite people and most genuine folks on the planet!  I have carried this wallet in Copper every day for 2 years and it just keeps getting more beautiful!  Just like a fine wine, softer and more luscious every day!  The perfect wallet to put in your big bag and grab when you need all the important basics in your hand.  I promise you will get compliments on this wallet every time someone sees it, I have heard it for 2 years. Made in the USA, quality, and style!