The perfect crossbody handbag that will look and feel better every day!  Made in the USA!
The back of the bag has a zipper pocket.  I find it the perfect place for my phone when I'm carrying my bag, easy access and secure. The strap is adjustable.
Under the front flap is another zipper pocket and the top also has a zipper closure.
There is anther zipper pocket inside the bag which I love to put my lipstick in for easy access.
The perfect crossbody handbag with a ton of style!
Peace, fringe, leather, and attitude! You need this handbag in your life!  Yes, it's a need!

Juan Antonio Peace Crossbody Handbag

Regular price $350.00

I have been carrying Juan Antonio handbags and wallets since he started.  They are truly my favorite.  Style, attention to detail, quality, and function made with beautiful leather and made in the USA! The Peace crossbody is my all time favorite handbag and I guarantee it will be yours as well.  I wish there was a button on the computer so you could feel the leather, it's as soft as cotton and beautiful!  The strap is adjustable.  This is a must-have!