A little bit Rock 'n' Roll and a little bit Country!  It's great to be both!  Rock it all with this charm bracelet!  Handcrafted in the USA!
Sterling silver, pearls, guitars, and stars, what more do you need?  Wearable art made in the USA!  One of the most Rock 'n' Roll charm bracelets ever!
This brings a whole new meaning to charm bracelets!  Wearable art made in the USA!
Just a little Love Tokens love!  Wearable art made in the USA!  This is the kind of jewelry you must collect!

Love Tokens A Little Bit Rock 'n' Roll, A Little Bit Country Charm Bracelet.

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Love Tokens Jewelry is handcrafted by true Artisans at the studio in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Truly wearable art.  When I say handcrafted I mean each piece, each chain link, each charm is made by hand, one piece at a time.

Rock this bad to the bone with a little country flair charm bracelet and kick up your style to a whole new level! Sterling silver, turquoise, and pearls, oh my!