My Story

Meet Dusty

Being raised on a ranch outside of Newell S.D. was a great way to grow up.  I had great parents, Duane, Raymond, Sylvia (aka Idaho Sue), and Alice.  They taught me the value of hard work and following your dreams. They always encouraged me to be myself and use my talents.  I couldn’t have been more blessed.  They encouraged me to see the world with eyes that can see inspiration in everything and everyone.

My goal was to be successful and retire early.  With that goal I was always doing my best to get there faster.  After college I landed in the medical field and corporate America, it was very good to me.  In 2000 I sold my businesses and was glad to be on track with my goal, retire early.  The second part of that goal was to pursue my art and music.  The part of my plan I didn’t count on was being diagnosed with lupus, having 4 strokes, a couple close calls, another diagnosis of sarcoidosis in the lungs and being on home care for over a year.  I lost everything I had worked so hard for but glad I had it to survive the year getting well and figuring out the new normal. After all that, I had the opportunity in the fashion industry and I jumped in.  What a journey! 

In 2013 I knocked on deaths door, again and way too hard, that was a long recovery! The journey back made me realize that things can change in seconds so never hold off on anything. So, here I am, hitting another goal. I hope you find things here that inspire you and those around you.  I have found other artists that will be on here as well, talented artists that are the real deal and work hard to share their talents.

Thank you for becoming a part of the journey.

Live Life Like You Mean It, Never Wait to Follow Your Dreams,