I had a great childhood growing up on our ranch outside of Newell, S.D. My wonderful parents – Duane, Raymond, Sylvia (aka Idaho Sue), and Alice – raised me with an optimistic worldview and enthusiasm for life. From them, I learned the value of hard work and following my dreams, as they always encouraged me to be myself and develop my talents. Really, I couldn’t have been more blessed.  Thanks to their encouragement, I look on life with eyes that see inspiration and uniqueness in everything and everyone.

My career goal was straightforward: be successful and retire early. To achieve this, I focused on ways to improve myself. After college, I landed in corporate America in the medical field, and it was very good to me. In 2000, I sold my businesses and found myself right on track to retire early and pursue my art and music.

Of course, even the best-laid plans sometimes take detours. I didn’t count on being diagnosed with lupus and sarcoidosis in the lungs, having four strokes and being on home care for over a year. Though I lost everything I worked so hard for, I was grateful that I survived and was getting well. After all that, I had an opportunity to work in the fashion industry, so I jumped right in!

In 2013, I knocked on death’s door again, and way too hard. It was a much longer recovery. This second journey back to health made me realize that life can change any second, so we should never take our lives for granted or hold off on doing what we find meaningful. So here I am, hitting another goal to make my handcrafted,hats and wearable art available to everyone. I hope you are inspired by my creations and find something that expresses your uniqueness. 

Live life like you mean it, and never wait to follow your dreams.


Happy Shopping