Custom Hats - Handmade - Wearable Art - Truly Artisanal - made in the Black Hills of South Dakota

 “The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”  - Coco Chanel

My mother was a musician, and as I grew up I loved playing in her closet full of stage clothes. Each piece was as beautiful and unique as she was, and I spent hours trying on different outfits. Even today, when I put on a pair of heels I hear her telling me “Don’t break those heels off!”

But, why top hats?

Most of my mother’s stage clothing was custom made, and she taught me to appreciate the quality of handcrafted pieces. This is how my lifelong love for wearable art began. To me, there really isn’t anything better than wearing items made by hands that are passionate about what they are creating.

I am drawn to stand-out clothing that showcases the wearer’s uniqueness. So, naturally, when I discovered platform shoes and top hats, I was in fashion heaven! (I have a platform collection that would make Gene Simmons proud.) Soon enough, I was designing and creating my own top hats based on the philosophy “the taller the better!”

Today, after spending years developing my unique style and honing my artistic skills, I am thrilled to offer handcrafted, inspirational, wearable art to people who love standing out in a crowd. You’ll not only find my beautiful handmade hats here but also discover other one-of-a-kind hat styles, jewelry, unique items for your fur babies, upcycled items and vintage pieces. 

Thank you for joining the ride.