Who doesn't need Butterfly Kisses??!!!  Custom designed jewels makes this one of a kind!
Size medium but can easily be made smaller! Get your top hat on!
Just the right amount of color to wear every day!
Catch them looking as you walk away......
The perfect top hat for the perfect style!
Accessories are necessary!

Butterfly Kisses Straw Top Hat

Regular price $198.00

This base straw hat is from Charlie 1 Horse.  The finishing touches are done at the Dusty's Originals Studio in Sturgis, South Dakota.  The jewelry piece was designed by me and made by Barbosa.  This is the only one made for me so you will not see this again on any of my hats.  The base may not be custom but the finishing touches are!  Size medium fits 7 to 7 1/8 or 22 1/4 inches to 22 5/8 inches.  Please contact me with any questions!