Spring is coming so be prepared with some great color!  The perfect daily wear for Spring and Summer.
Feather embellishments are done one feather at a time.  Get your color on with this top hat.
Love this metal conch.  Phoenix rising is a great symbol for rising above!  This top hat will inspire you to think of Spring and change!
Mexican palm top hat, gotta have!
Make a statement coming and going!
The base may be stock but the rest is all custom.  Be prepared for Spring and Summer with this great top hat!

Phoenix Rises straw Top Hat

Regular price $145.00

The base of this top hat is from Charlie 1 Horse and is a genuine Mexican palm, size medium.  While the base is stock the rest is customized in the studio at Sturgis, South Dakota with the metal Phoenix button and the custom feather embellishment. Size medium and there is only one!

Size medium fits 7-7/18 or 22 1/4inches-22 5/8inches.

Please contact us for any fit or styling questions.

Wearable art!


Step 1

Wrap the tape measure (or string) around the largest part of your head until the two ends meet at the center of your forehead just above your eyebrows. Firmly hold the tape or string mid-forehead with your finger, not too tightly or too loose. The goal is to determine precisely where your hat will sit for the most comfortable fit. 

If you're using a ruler and string, proceed to step two.

Step 2

Take the string from your head, being careful to hold onto the endpoint so you have an accurate account of your head size. Measure the string with the ruler.  

Below is the conversion of inches to hat size.

Small 21 1/4" = 6 3/4 

          21 5/8" =  6 7/8

Med   22" = 7

           22 3/8 = 7 1/7

Large 22 3/4" = 7 1/4

           23 1/8" = 7 3/8

Even though the hat sizes provided are standard across the USA, various factors can affect the fit, such as the hat maker, the material of the hat, and even how much hair you have.