Just like the Phoenix rises from the ashes to be re-born, this 1950's beaded belt has been revived as a hat band.
The sterling conch is vintage and rescued from a very sad jacket.  New life for the vintage!
The lead free pewter conchs are the perfect addition to the buffalo leather and beads.  Wearable art!
Custom feathers add more character to the wearable art.

Vintage Beaded Phoenix Top Hat

Regular price $280.00

Dusty's hats are custom designed and handcrafted from European Hare blend.  They are made in the studio in Sturgis, South Dakota. The hat band is made from a re-purposed 1950's children's belt and sewn onto buffalo leather. We try to re-use, re-purpose, re-imagine as much as possible in all of our designs. The Phoenix conchs are made from lead-free pewter.  The sterling conch is from a rescued jacket.  Wearable art!

Contact us with any fit or styling questions. 

Made in the USA!