Elevate the prairie dress trend with a Great Hat!

I guess if you are going to have to wear the prairie dress trend you better have a great hat to update the look!
In the quest to bring back wearing dresses, the sea of prairie dress options is just too much for me! I love wearing dresses and want to bust away from the athleisure craze, which is ok in small doses, but to me, it has turned way too casual. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against casual dressing, I'm against the slacker casual that I find myself sitting back observing and wondering what in the world were they thinking? I want to see people strolling around looking like they care about what they are wearing. That will just make everyone feel better!
Back to prairie dresses, to me, they all look the same no matter how many different prints you do and I do not like to run around in the same things as everyone else. Luckily, there are a few ways to make the prairie dress a little less frumpy. Here are a few suggestions that always start with a great handmade hat! My opinion is that a great hat elevates all styles and the prairie dress needs lots of elevation, I don't care what the label says! Other items to add are leather jackets, boots, denim jackets, belts, and always great jewelry.
Please keep in mind that I am not saying, don't follow the trend, I'm saying for me and anyone else that can't jump on the prairie wagon, it's ok to sit this one out!
I could blame it on my childhood trauma from a Gunne Sax dress my mom picked out for me to wear to a school dance. Those of you that know the Gunne Sax label know what I mean! Not only did she make me wear the original prairie dress design but she also had Bee's beauty parlor fix my hair! So yes, I guess you could say that every time I see a prairie dress in today's fashion lineup I am blasted back to the Gunne Sax and beauty parlor days that I hated the first time around! Can't blame my mom, she was just trying to get me out of my boots and elephant ear pants!
The moral of the story? Every outfit needs a great hat! Prairie dresses just need them more than others! Also, wearing the trend evokes a special kind of pleasure and watching it is another. Both pleasures are totally fine and we are all free to chose which!
In a sea of same, do something to express your original self. Let me make you a hat that tells the story of who you are. Elevate your style with Dusty's Origianls custom hats.

Happy May!

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