Fall Hat Fashion Trend!
Hats are the easiest way to add color and a layer of dimension to your Fall wardrobe. They are a great statement piece and add a bold personal touch to your style. I love creating hats that can fit into any lifestyle and any occasion. Whether you style them up and walk the red carpet or style them down for a stroll to the barn, this means you get a lot of bang for your buck.
I am both a milliner and a hatter. What's the difference between the two? The main difference is that a milliner is a hatmaker specializing in women's headwear, while a hatter makes hats for men.
Both professions refer to all of the components of hatmaking, including design, manufacturing, and sales. The Millinery profession was one of the most important trades of the 1800s and remains significant in the contemporary high-fashion world.
Hats are most certainly worthy of fashion! One of the big trends for this Fall is wide-brim hats! While I have been wearing this trend for a long time, the fashion world is catching up! The wide brim hats have become extremely popular in street style, so if you do not have a wide brim hat, it's time to jump on the wide brim hat train and sport that boho-chic sophistication! Wide brim hats don't mean you have to wear a flat brim. Any style can have a stretched-out hat brim. Check out the hat styles I have already created with a wide brim and see which one may be right for you! Let's create a hat that tells the story of who you are!
Remember, the holidays are coming, and I offer gift certificates so that special someone can create the perfect hat style to fit into their lifestyle. I am a hatter and a milliner. I can make hats for men and women. All of my raw materials are 100% made in the USA! Thank you for supporting small businesses and made in the USA!
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