The Future's so Bright, I need a new Hat!

It's been a bit since my last blog. My excuse is that I just really didn't know what to say about 2020 that hasn't been said a million times over. But, I have decided that I do have plenty to say and it does begin with 2020.
Now when I think of 2020, these are the words that come to mind.......
Thankful. Thankful to have made it to 2021.
Thrive. Thriving because of creating new ways to do business.
Blessed. Blessed for many reasons and one of the big ones is for my customers and retailers.
Healthful. Healthful because it has made me think of my health issues and become even more health-conscious and take better care of myself as well as others.
Gratitude. Gratitude for creating positive spins on so many things that were hard to be positive about.
Those are just a few things I learned on the other side of 2020.
Let's focus on 2021 and be proud of what we have done when we get to the last few days of this year. One saying I love is that I want to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am!
So far, the purchase with a purpose pet tag project finally got started officially and we are making a difference thanks to all the wonderful customers that have bought pet tags for their fur babies. I have pet tags for dogs, cats, and horses. Prince can't possibly wear them all so I have a couple I wear as charms on my necklace. My horse, Baby, has one for his halter, and Trouble the cat will not keep a collar on so I get to wear hers as well. Win-win for all of us! Some of you may have seen that we had Trouble join the family about a year ago. Prince and I were foster fails! I found her near-death at 2 weeks old and Prince fell in love so she joined the family about 2 minutes after he met her. You can follow us on social media and keep up with the pet project and my fur babies, they do provide comedy relief!
I have met some amazing people and retailers through the designing of my  custom hats and I have been so grateful for each one! It does my soul good to create designs that tell the story of who they are! This applies to my retailers as well. I look forward to more of that this year.
I work hard to make sure that everything I use in my business is made in the USA and I am so blessed that people support that. I support other small businesses in my hat-making and appreciate everyone that supports that as well. People coming together to make a change will see that change happen. Working together to make things better is the only way we will make change happen. Not just in the retail world but in our lives every day.
There are a couple of upcoming  events that I have on the calendar and I am super excited to have been invited to participate. The first one is May 30th in Deadwood at the rodeo grounds. I will be set up with my hat samples doing custom designs and fittings during the Back When They Bucked rodeo. The event starts at 9 a.m. and it will be a great event for everyone. The next event is June 4th at the Scott Jacobs Gallery on Main Street in Deadwood for their First Fridays, it goes from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. I will have my sample hats there and will do custom designs and fittings. Both of these events will be a great time to schedule your trip to historical Deadwood, South Dakota. Come join me for the events and also enjoy the beautiful Black Hills! Need recommendations on things to see, places to eat, or anything else, just message me and I can point you in the right direction!
I have made some changes as you can see from the website. I will offer jewelry, wild rags, and vintage items from time to time which will be from USA artists and made in the USA. I will be focusing my time on making great hats. I am so blessed that it is taking up my time! Not only am I the hatter but I wear many hats, literally! I am the designer, hatter, marketing, accounting, sales representative, shipper, purchasing agent, IT, social media developer, customer service.........I think you get the idea!
Just a few thoughts about fashion in 2021.........
Hats are still strong and the Fedora is a hot pick. It's a great style for men and women and can be worn with any style.
The colors for Spring/Summer are refreshing in lavenders, pinks, and greens so be thinking about Silver Belly, Natural, Sand, Pink, and Powder Blue for hat colors. I'm not huge on following trends so I always say that going with what you like is on-trend!
That being said, let's elevate your style with the perfect handmade, custom hat!
For every hat order that comes from reading this blog, use code, free ship blog when you order your hat, and get free shipping. That is huge because shipping can cost as much a $40.
Thank you for checking in!

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