Embrace Your Uniqueness and Shine

Embrace Your Uniqueness and Shine

At a young age, I put on my cowgirl boots and got ready for this journey! In my life, I have made some good and some poor decisions along the way. Learning and expanding from all my choices has been key and has made me one resilient person! A passion of mine is my mission, The Rejuvenation Project, which has many layers. One layer being creating and breathing new life into the vintage and rarely worn beauty hidden in your closet or even the great finds at consignment stores.

Being blessed with a blended family, my dad’s Duane and Raymond, my mom’s Sylvia (aka Idaho Sue) and Alice, were four of the best parents! My parents divorced when I was young, and both remarried, I love my “Blended family!" Each of them being respectful and compassionate to each other, with a common goal in mind, working together to co-create a loving family. They encouraged and inspired me to be my best and to be true to me!

My mom Sylvia was a free spirit who was a musician, had a radio show, and dressed stylishly fashionable, which was true to her own authentic identity. Having my creative mom, who allowed serendipity to be present and adventure to flow in our days, was impactful! This gift gave birth to my creativity and fostered it to flourish. My time playing dress up in my mom’s closet with her amazingly unique clothing and shoes allowed me to cultivate this part of my life! This time gave birth to my talent and taught me to embrace the beauty and uniqueness in each one of us, allowing and encouraging this beauty to shine!

Growing up on a cattle and horse ranch in South Dakota fostered my love for animals. I have always had animals, many of them rescued, and feel the unconditional love and magic they bring to my day! Thankfully my parents instilled a fantastic work ethic, an optimistic worldview, and enthusiasm for this gift called life!

I have been surrounded by music my entire life. I was lucky enough to follow in my mother's footsteps and started playing in bands. Some of my most cherished days were bringing my bandmates home to have a jam session with my mom and always a home-cooked meal! Developing a love for the art of music, I took advantage of the opportunities that were placed on my path. Playing many roles in the world of music, I have been a singer, played the piano, jazz saxophone, clarinet, and guitar. Thankfully I can dive in and do whatever it takes to make my life flourish! This mindset has served my clients and me amazingly well!

Sharp Shifts in Life

We all have different challenges in life, thankfully I put on my cowgirl boots aka shit kickers at a young age, and have been remarkably resilient. I had my life all planned out, I owned a very successful business and was on the trajectory to retire early then life took a sharp shift. This dramatic shift was layered with a diagnosis of lupus and sarcoidosis.

I have suffered four strokes, was in a coma, and have knocked on death's door a few times. This list shares a few of the challenges that I have faced.  These events can cause you to take inventory and ask questions, such as, why is it that I am here, and what is my purpose? I guess there is more for me to accomplish! I am happy to help in any way I can and was elected as the Ambassador to the State of South Dakota for the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research. Fortunately, I can have a conversation with just about anyone, ranging from politicians to members in the medical world, to facilitate helping others with sarcoidosis. I love people and feel inspired by the beauty I see in them and in our world! I have been given a gift that I am very grateful for, and I want to share this gift! I desire to help people and pets in our world to be original, comfortable in their skin, and let their beauty shine! Some of the unique creations are illustrated at

On my journey, I have worn many different hats, from pumping gas, washing dishes, being a general contractor, owning my own consulting and optical business, and for years, inspired working with the designer, Tasha Polizzi. The time with Tasha has paved the path leading to Dusty’s Originals. Creating works of art with other talented people to expand and share gifts ranging from creative and unique hats, apparel, love tokens, and fun ways to celebrate your pets. We are creating new jobs and working together to collectively decrease and be conscious of our carbon footprint.

We repurpose many items, breathing new life into them and creating something unique for you with love. A story I love to share is of a client who had an old denim jacket that was her father's. The client wanted to reinvent and use this tangible memory of her father. With my passion, I was able to give new life to this jacket and the memory of my clients' father. My client now wears this jacket and loves the unique creation! Hearing stories like this from my clients makes my heart feel good.

The creative collection of the Army jackets are actual jackets that have been worn by our soldiers. To honor them and breathe new life into the jackets, I can create eclectic and fun designs to share! My hat designs are made by hand, with love and care, creating a piece that is unique to you! Wanting to create pieces that you love, so you will be able to feel the positive energy generated, creating these pieces with passion!

Where the Road Leads

Many of you know that I have a passion for traveling and exploring. I love to go with the flow of the adventure to see where the road leads. Meeting new people and learning about them allows me to see the beauty in them and their life. This ability leads me to feel connected with others. Working and playing hard is an essential key in my life. I enjoy being outdoors and hiking, riding horses, and a mixture of outdoor activities. Spending time with my amazing animals, Baby, my quarter horse, and Prince, my pup gives me positive energy!

This life has been an exciting journey, having almost died a few times in my life, has made me extra conscious that this life is a gift! I want to share the gifts and  I have been given with the world!

Live Inspired

Inspired to create one of a kind designs that illustrate the uniqueness and beauty of our individuality. Wanting to create awareness that it is okay to step out and be different and embrace the oneness with being true to ourselves. I have been gifted the ability to redesign and rejuvenate apparel.  Please take a peek at Dusty's Originals, where you can see some of the creative designs by myself and other artists that I love working with. Live life like you mean it, and never wait to follow your dreams! Allow yourself to rise by lifting others! I look forward to our journey together!

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