My 2020 Journey

What a crazy ride 2019 has been!!!  Crazy great! Yesterday, one of my friends asked me to sum up the year in one-word explanations, no sentences. So, here goes:  fun, creative, scary, passionate, gruelling, scary, learning, forgetting, leaving, fast, naked, scary, forward, refective, and loving. Then she asked me to put that into a sentence so here goes. I spent the year putting my self out to the world while being naked with bad hair but learning and moving on with less baggage. Then she asked me what I was taking from that to get through 2020, so here goes with that thought. My clothes are on, I caught my stride, and I am moving forward with those that have shown me the love and support that we all deserve. Do you see what she did to me? We were talking about how everyone gets to this point of the year and the pressure is on to do it better for the New Year but not sure where to start. Don’t overthink it, check your heart, listen to the words, then put the thought together.  Sounds easy and things are easy when it comes from the heart. Easy doesn't mean there won’t be any hard work involved!  Here’s the but, when it’s your passion, it’s not working!

The 2020 journey is a blank slate for all of us and I am so excited to see it all play out. I hope you sign up with me to take the Dusty’s Originals journey. Prince would love to meet you all!

Happy New Year from our house to yours!





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