It's always so much fun to watch things grow, change, and come to life! With April up next and the world around us starting to Spring into the new life I see that happening at Dusty's Originals.  I have added new items and designers to the website.  I'm proud to be able to share great things with all of you.  My goal is to bring amazing pieces created by amazing people to you, and I feel we are off to a great start!

 I was drawn to Juan Antonio handbags and wallets when he first started because of the beautiful leathers and quality standards upon which Juan has built his company.  Not only do I love the amazing products but developing a friendship with Juan and his family over the years has been an honor. They are wonderful people.  We can proudly support this company because of the beautiful product, great people, and it's all crafted in the USA.

Another new company I'm proud to have found is NuNo, based in Salt Lake City, UT. Started by women that want to create fashion in sustainable ways.  Their items are bold, artful, and eco-friendly! Their NeoSilk fabric is the new standard in eco-fabulous.  The kimono/robe and the scarves are the softest post-consumer recycled PET plastic bottles you'll ever feel. That is one sentence I never thought I would say!

Love Tokens is not new to the site, but I have added a bunch of new pieces that are pretty fabulous! I love working with this company and all of the creative artists under the leadership of master designer and creator Stacey DeGraffenreid in their studio located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!  Handcrafted jewelry made to be collected and adorn all of us beautiful people!  Wearable art, made in the USA!  Stack 'em up, up, up!

Always asked about my passion for re-purpose, re-use, re-design I have an easy answer. One that has come full circle which means I have come full circle! Growing up, we were ranch and farm kids.  We re-used everything we could.  As a kid that translated to old, used, and not new! I wouldn't change the way I grew up for anything!  I did set a goal of growing up and being able to buy new.  Luckily my mom taught me the value of quality and quality never goes out of style. I never lost my love of vintage and moms stage clothes! When I got sick and lost everything, I was having one of my days of feeling sorry for myself because my life had changed so much. One of my friends came bearing gifts.  He opened the bag and brought out one of the coolest, vintage leather coats ever! He said when he saw it, it looked like me, so he bought it for $5.00! I still wear that beautiful coat! He had no idea the ray of hope he brought me that day.  I realized I could re-sale a bunch of my clothes to help with medical expenses and I might even get to go shopping sometimes! That day and that gift took me right back to my roots.  Buying quality new lasts forever and can be re-purposed and also life-saving at times! I don't think we will see any $12 shirts at the vintage store! I did say he brought gifts; the other was a stack of Cosmopolitans!  The very last thing I would have ever guessed he would bring! That is a whole story for another blog!

Dusty's Originals tees are designed in the studio and printed with a small company that is also eco-friendly.  

Billy Creek scarves are also new to the website. Toby, owner, creator of Billy Creek, started his new adventure about the same time I started mine. He is a fantastic artist, a creative soul, and a fabulous human being.  I am proud to call him a friend and I'm super pleased to share and wear his beautiful wearable art.

That's all the new stuff so far, keep looking because it will keep coming! Thank you for reading along and joining this journey.  As always, be your original self!


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