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Kentucky Derby Hat

One of my favorite ladies on the planet shared this with me and I want to share it with you!  Not only is she my friend but she is a Dusty's Originals customer. In honor of the Kentucky Derby and great customers, I am offering $75.00 off hats with the code Run For The Roses.  So, go shopping and get your Kentucky Derby on! Now, grab a Mint Julep and read this story from Tina.     "Derby.  The very word in my mind conjures up grandiose visions of beautiful horses, a glorious spring day, Kentucky-pristine white fences, mint juleps, high fashion and the most acceptable reason in the United States to don a beautiful, large, extravagant hat. Since the Kentucky Derby...

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Handcrafted, Custom and Original

It's hard to believe that the site has been live for nearly 2 months, what a journey! The site may be new, but the vision to get here has been in progress for many years, in fact since 2000! The vision evolved from early retirement in the medical field and opening an art gallery to handcrafted, custom, and original pieces of my own and other Artisans. I guess you can call this an online art gallery!   I have been asked many times lately why I wanted to go out on my own - talk about a loaded question! I am the kind of person that likes to push the limits and really the only way to do that is to...

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